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Camp Willow Whisp

Chapter four

An evening on Windwalker Lake

The whole room suddenly got cold then went normal again. He stared ahead.
" Arnold! What 'ees 'eet?" Asked Taja in a frightened tone. Arnold didn't answer. He heard the inaudiable whispering once again. He started to breath heavily.
" Arnold." Taja said louder. He started trembeling again and now heard the windchimes outside.
" That." He finally said. " What?" asked Taja leaning in closer to him.
" Do you hear it?" He asked softly turning to her. Her eyes were filled with fear.
" What?" She said almost breaking out in tears.
" That whispering." He said. Taja's face turned white.
" I 'zink so." She said shakily and moved closer to him. The whispering grew.
" Last night." Said Arnold staring ahead again. " Last night..I...I heard it again. Outside." A tear of fear rolled silently down Taja's cheek.
" I 'zought I was dreaming 'eet." She said shakily.
" The piano." He whispered. " The piano played. After the whispering. I heard it. I wasn't dreaming. The air turned cold and a black shadow moved across the cabin." He sighed and looked at Taja. Her eyes were watery and she stared back at him with a look of shear fear.
" Oh Arnold." She said softly. " I 'ope 'zat' you are kidding. 'Zare was a sound all around my cabin 'zat sounded like a piano." Arnold's heart filled with fear. He swallowed hard and shook his head.
" No. I'm not kidding." He said slowly. Then the lights flickered and dimmed. Taja gasped. The air turned deathly cold again and the whispering stopped. Arnold's eyes became hazy again. He saw two black shadows in the opposite corners then heard a voice in his head say, " She-she's dead." He closed his eyes and fainted once again.

He woke up a few hours later on a cot. This time, he felt well rested and could see clearly ahead. His ribs still were sore and now his head was. He looked around. He must have been in the clinic. He yawned and looked up at the clock; it was six thirty.
" Arnold?" He heard a voice next to him say. He looked over and saw Taja sitting in a chair next to him. She looked down at him and smiled.
" 'Ow are you feeling?" She asked softly. He sat up and streatched.
" Really awake and really hungary." He said smiling.
" Don't blame you. You 'ave been asleep since eleven 'zirty." She replied.
" What happened?" He asked. " You passed out again." She said . " 'Zee nurse said from exhaustion and nerves." Arnold blushed slightly.
" How long have you been there?" He asked.
" Since 'zee nurse left you 'zare." She replied smiling. The nurse walked in.
" Well you're awake! How do you feel?" She asked and smiled.
" Much better." Said Arnold and stood up.
" Good. All you needed was a little rest." Said the nurse. " Dinner's about to be served. I figured you two would like a bite to eat due to the fact that you missed lunch." She added.
" Okay.Thank you." He said and he and Taja walked out of the clinic. The sun hung low in the skyand turned everything around them a glittery golden hue.
" What did you do the entire time?" He asked her.
" I talked to 'zee nurse. 'se's avery nice woman, 'er name 'ees Rosaline. 'Se too 'ees from France." Replied Taja as they walked into the hall. They walked past a troop of girl scouts playing cards and checkers as they walked to their tables. The girls glared ferociously at them as they sat down.
" I was 'zinking of going out on 'zee lake and canoeing later. 'Zee girl scouts will 'ave to deal and besides, 'eet 'ees a gorgeous evening out 'zare." Said Taha running her fingers through her hair. Martinez saw Arnold and walked over.
" How are you doing?" He asked in a quiet voice
" Better. Alot better." Answered Arnold. Matinez's face fell and he looked behind him then back at Arnold.
" I heard that you heard the piano last night." He whispered quietly looking over at Taja. Arnold's heart jumped again.
" Y..yeah." He said. Martinez's face now showed a look of pure concern as he stood up.
" Well, I guess all I can say at this point is just don't touch it." He said. Before Arnold could say anything, Martinez scurried away.
" What's wrong 'wiz 'im?" asked Taja. Arnold shook his head silently as his eyes were still fixed on Martinez. Soon the Hall began to fill and great smells filled the air.
" Dinner is served. Girl Scouts, go ahead." Said Martinez in a pre-occupied tone on the microphone. The girl scouts grinned gleefully at the orchestra as they walked by, but half of the orchestra wasn't paying attention. They were crowded around The Windigo's table all asking Arnold how he was doing and what happened. Fox looked at him and glared bitterly.
" So you're better now." Said Curly. " Yeah." answered Arnold. Everyone began to trickle back to their tables.
" Now orchestra.." said Martinez in an even sadder tone. Arnold made his was towards Martinez then stopped. He shook his head then went over to the buffet. Everyone got their food and began eating. Fox icily stared at Arnold as he watched him walk back to the table.
" So." He finally said as Arnold was about to sit down. " Little Orphan Arnold is a celebrity." Everyone at The Windigo froze and stared at Arnold. He stopped and slowly looked up at Fox. Normally Foxes insults didn't bother him. He usually could just insult him back. But this one did. He felt white hot rage building up inside him as he slowly stood back up. His slanted eyes fixed on Fox. He lifted his tray up then slammed it on the table making a loud crash. Everyone in the hall froze and looked at him. He felt such hatred and anger right now as he leaned forward with his hands on the table. Foxed backed up with an uneasy look on his face.
" Why you sorry little rat." Hissed Arnold through gritted teeth. " That was the lowest you have gotten yet you arrogent little SNIT!" He added. Fox backed up even more.
" If you EVER say anything like that again, so God help me, I'll make the rest of your life A LIVING NIGHTMARE!!!" He roared. Everyone stared at him stunned and dumbfounded. Never in their lives had they ever heard and seen him this angry.
" And another thing." He said. " I'm first chair, you're eigth. Face it. I'M-BETTER-THAN-YOU!!!" He roared. Everything was silent and he glared at Fox ferociously. Foxes eyes were as wide as an owls and he stared back at Arnold stunned. The silence was then broken by a single clap. Everyone including Arnold, turned and looked. Taja stood up and clapped once more with a sly look on her face. Then the entire orchestra burst into applause and cheering. Arnold sat back down and smiled. Gerald pat him on the back and smiled.
" Well said Arnold." Cried a boy from Sirus' House. Everyone quickly finished their dinner and went back to their cabins. There was still a bit of daylight left as the colors of twilight began to deepen. Arnold reached the cabin ring and stopped. he looked behind him, through the trees and down at Windwalker Lake. The pale moon shined on it and the darkening sun set reflected off it. He smiled and walked down towards the North Side docks. The path was a steep down hill trail with hardly any trees, but massive rocks. The stars began to peak out and all along the shore line on the other side, he could see little dots of light. A mist formed and floated by. It was quiet. The nearly full moon cast shadows all over and the colors of the sun set were the most vibrant he had ever seen in his life. A sweet smelling wind rustled the leaves. He heard someone on the dock and looked over. It was Taja. She looked over at him and smiled.
" Beautiful isn't 'eet." She said getting into one of the canoes.
" Yeah." He said smiling back. " You got your violin all set?" She laughed.
" No. I'll use an ore. No use in destroying my violin." SHe replied.
" Have fun." Said Arnold dreamily.
" 'Zank you." She said and rowed away. He watched as she moced towards the middle of the lake and sighed. He heard someone else come down. This time it was Fox. Fox looked at him and gave him a dirty look. Arnold watched as Fox got in a canoe and rowed away.
" Good riddance...ya lousy bum." He said to himself and smiled.

Taja quietly rowed until she was in the middle of the lake. She looked up at the sky then back over towards the shore line and sighed dreamily. A light breeze picked up and rippled the water.
" Well, well, well." Said Fox rowing up by her. " Fancy meeting you out here beautiful." He added grinning from ear to ear. She turned and glared.
" Oh...'eets you." She said.
" The one and only, toots." He said still smiling and leaning forward causing his boat to rock. She rolled her eyes and sighed.
" Tell me. What's a gorgeous French girl like you doing in a place like 'zis?" He said slyly in a crude French accent.
" 'Eet 'ees amazing, 'ow well you can destroy my accent." She said cringing.
" I love a gal with a sense of humor." He said laughing. She glared. " You know you can't resist me." He added leaning over even more so that half of the boat was in the air.
" Careful Fox. Wouldn't want to flip now would you." She said them siling slyly with an idea.
" I'v already flipped over you." He said.
" 'Ees 'zat so?" She said. " Come 'ere. I'd like to give you somthing." She said slyly.
" Why certainly." Said Fox rowing up against her boat. She contiuned to smile slyly and moved closer to his face. He smiled warmly at her.
" Now lean in." She said. He leaned in and she discreatly placed her ore on the side of his boat. She moved closer and acted as if she were about to kiss him.
" Bon Voyage." She said quietly and pushed down on her ore. His canoe capsized and he fell into the cold water. She laughed mischeviously and rowed away.
Surprized and wet, Fox climbed onto his upside down canoe and stared at her for a moment then smiled.
" She digs me." He said then rowed back towards shore.
Arnold, who had been watching the entire time snickered as he saw the soaking wet Fox dock the boat.
" Hey FoX! What happened? Find out the inside of your canoe wasn't sterling silver and decide to flip it?" He laughed. Fox glared at him and walked back up the hill. Arnold looked up at the sky and smiled. The colors of twilight had disappeared and was replaced by a deep indigo blue. The stars twinkled brightly as the moon gave a dim silvery hue to the world. A warm breeze picked up and he sighed. He heard footsteps on the dock and looked over. Taja tied the canoe back up and walked over to Arnold.
" 'Ow much more beatiful can 'zis be?" She asked smiling.
" It can't." Said Arnod blushing outrageously.
" Mind 'eef I join you?" She asked softly. " S..Sure" Said Arnold hoping that the moon light wouldn't show him blushing. She sat down next to him.
" I don't 'zink I 'ave ever seen so many stars in my life." She said looking up at the sky.
" Not even in France?" Asked Arnold. Taja shook her head.
" No Paris est une grande ville." She said. Arnold looked at her confused.
" Now whats that in English?" He asked smiling. She smiled back.
" No, Paris 'ees a big city. Too many lights too see any stars." She said. " You would 'zink 'zat 'eet would be 'zee most beatiful place in 'zee world. But personally, I 'zink America 'ees even more beatiful. I love 'eet 'ere." She said looking at him and moving a little closer to him. She ran her fingers through her hair once again.
" I'm glad you like it." He said breathlessly. She smiled. The warm breeze rustled the leaves.
" I saw what you did to Fox. That was hilarious." Said Arnold. Taja laughed.
" 'Ee offended me as usual and I got sick of 'eet." She said smiling. They looked at eachother and smiled. Taja slid her arms Around Arnold's shoulders and hugged him. He sighed dreamily and hugged back. Then she kissed him on the cheek and stood up.
" Good night Arnold." She said softly and walked back up the hill. He sighed contently and looked up at the sky. He felt like shouting with joy and warm and fuzzy all over. He got up and walked back up to the cabin.

When he reached the cabin ring, he heard a bunch of girls laughing and talking. He walked towards the Windigo forgrtting how creepy it was and walked in. Fox sat on his bunk all wet and talking to Jonothon and Rex. He glared at Arnold and layed down on his bunk and sighed contently.

Chapter five

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